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101 East Wood Street
Spartanburg, SC 29303
phone 864.560.6000
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Nursing Research

What is the Nursing Research Council?

It is a nursing council that supports nursing research and nursing evidence-based practice throughout Spartanburg Regional.

The purpose of the Nursing Research Council (NRC) is to facilitate contributions by Spartanburg Regional nurses in the nursing research arena and to facilitate the distribution of new nursing knowledge throughout the organization.

The committee is intended to encourage research efforts by reviewing and mentoring individuals with research ideas and aspirations. The NRC's ultimate goal is to promote evidence-based nursing practice at Spartanburg Regional.

How does it affect me?

Nursing is a dynamic profession. It is imperative that we change clinical practice using evidence-based knowledge driven research. You make the difference in issues that affect staffing, work environment, clinical practice, and patient care.

How do I get started in Nursing Research or Nursing Evidence-Based Practice?

Contact the Nursing Research Council 

Betty Warlick, Corporate Education: 864-560-6189 
Tim Fagan, Quality Services: 864-560-6336

Nursing Research Resources
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