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101 East Wood Street
Spartanburg, SC 29303
phone 864.560.6000
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Nursing at Spartanburg Regional

The role of nurses is critical to our success; therefore, we strive to maintain a welcoming, supportive environment providing professional growth, pride and confidence in patient care.

We offer recognition programs, educational opportunities and assistance programs exclusively designed to help nurses advance in their careers.

We place no limit on how far our nurses can excel in our organization. We are proud and fortunate to have nurses in top leadership roles, so you can count on being valued by our nursing team.

Nursing Care on Par With the Best

Spartanburg Regional is a Magnet® facility. Only 6 percent of the nation's 6,000-plus hospitals have earned Magnet status.

To patients, the Magnet designation is a seal of approval, an assurance that they'll receive quality nursing care. To nurses, it's an assurance that they will work in an environment that values and respects them and provides resources for giving the best care to patients.

Awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (an affiliate of the American Nurses Association), Magnet recognition is not a permanent award. ANCC Magnet RecognitionContinued excellence must be demonstrated during the four-year recognition period, and the entire application and approval process is repeated for each re-designation.

Magnet status, the nation's gold standard for nursing quality, is based on 14 standards grouped together in five components, which are measurable criteria for patient care. The process of gathering the required evidence and preparing documentation for the award required more than two years’ work by a large team of nurses and other staff.

Yet, the achievement is not just about paperwork or a trophy. It is a journey of growth, learning and discovery.

Opportunities for Nurses

Nursing PRIDE Program

The PRIDE (Professional Recognition in the Development of Nursing Excellence) Program encourages nurses to participate throughout the hospital in personal and professional development. The program encourages degree-based learning, online learning, community volunteerism and participation on hospital committees and other leadership opportunities.

The Nurse Advisory Board developed the PRIDE Program in order to:

  • Foster an environment of clinical excellence to promote positive patient outcomes.
  • Serve as true retention tool for nurses performing bedside care of patients.
  • Offer reward and recognition for nurses who demonstrate their commitment to their job performance, their personal professional growth and to their colleagues.
Clinical Standards & Practice Council

Clinical Standards & Practice oversight includes:

  • Review of standards of care and practice;
  • Review of care pathways;
  • Resolution of and recommendations regarding nursing practice issues;
  • Promotion of evidence-based practice.
Core Group (Information Technology)

Core Group oversight includes:

  • Providing a working committee for issues with the electronic documentation system that are identified by the direct care staff using the system;
  • Review and update documentation screens as requirements change and standards are updated;
  • Oversight of the availability of corresponding paper forms for downtown periods;
  • Assistance with electronic “lives” including issues with timelines, support, and setting of actual “live” dates.
Clinical Documentation Committee (CDC)

CDC oversight includes:

  • Review and revision of documentation requirements and processes;
  • Ensuring that our documentation follows our policies and meets all regulatory requirements;
  • Ensuring electronic and paper documentation are coordinated simultaneously;
  • Assistance with dissemination of new forms and collection of outdated forms.
Pharmacy-Nurse Committee

Pharmacy-Nurse Committee oversight includes:

  • Review policy and procedures that relate to the pharmacy/medication delivery process;
  • Recommend changes to improve the pharmacy/medication delivery process;
  • Open communication between the direct care staff on the nursing units and the pharmacy.
Nursing Quality and Research Council

Understanding and participating in nursing-based research and evidence-based nursing practice is a vital part of growing as a nurse. At Spartanburg Regional, we support our nursing staff in understanding, utilizing, participating and conducting research. Click here to learn more about nursing research at Spartanburg Regional.

The overall goals of the council are to:

  • Establish and maintain an annual showcase of nursing research;
  • Provide a clearinghouse for all nursing research;
  • Provide support and education for nurses conducting research.
Interdisciplinary Policy Council

Policy Council oversight includes:

  • Ensure that policy manuals are reviewed and revised every three years with regular frequency;
  • Ensure that policies are in compliance with CMS standards, and local, state, and federal regulations;
  • Communicate any revisions, deletions, additions, or combining of policies to all departments.
Nursing Management Council

The Nursing Management Council meets monthly and is a forum for nursing leaders throughout the organization to share information.

The council is chaired by our Chief Nursing Officer/Vice President of Nursing Services. The membership includes nurse managers, clinical unit educators, directors, executive directors and coordinators. The CNO has an open-meeting policy and welcomes anyone that has an interest in attending.

Corporate Nursing Administration

Corporate Nursing Administration is a weekly meeting that brings together the nursing leaders to discuss operational issues, administrative updates, and opportunities for improvement.

The council is chaired by our Chief Nursing Officer/Vice President of Patient Care Services, and membership is comprised of the directors in the nursing services division, the product service lines, and professional support services areas where nursing is practiced. All departmental directors or managers are welcome to attend.

Quick Facts about Spartanburg Regional

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System serves a five-county region in Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina. The nationally recognized system includes an expansive physician network featuring both primary and specialty-care physicians, three inpatient hospitals and multiple centers of excellence, including the Center for Women, the Heart Center, Gibbs Cancer Center and the Emergency Center. Spartanburg Regional is a not-for-profit research and teaching hospital offering state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options. Spartanburg Regional is the state’s first recipient of the Magnet award for nursing excellence.