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101 East Wood Street
Spartanburg, SC 29303
phone 864.560.6000
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Family Medicine Residency Program

The Medical Education Department at Spartanburg Regional sponsors three training programs for residents, the largest of which is Family Medicine. We also offer a residency program in General Surgery, and a one-year Transitional internship.

Because Family Medicine is the largest residency, complemented by General Surgery and the Transitional internship, there is no university-style competition or the traditional tug-of-war that is common to most medical schools.

The three residency programs work closely together and have an excellent camaraderie both in the hospital and in outside activities.

Approximately half of our current residents come from South Carolina schools and the other half represent schools from all over the United States. We believe that enrolling residents from many areas of the country adds diversity and vigor to the social and educational atmosphere.

There is an active support organization for spouses sponsored by the Spartanburg County Medical Auxiliary, which holds social activities for residents and their families to foster a sense of support and belonging among our residents’ families.

We have 12 Family Medicine Residents per year, with four Transitional interns assisting First Year call to assure a manageable call schedule. We have the faculty strengths of a university, both in size and diversity, with the stand-alone strength of a community program. Our training programs and the residents complement each other, a departure from what you may have seen at your university.

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For more information about the Family Medicine Residency, please visit or contact Robert McDonald, M.D., Program Director, or Jeannie Lenberg, Program Coordinator, at 864-560-1558, or here.